Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Recycled Records Glebe, Sydney

One of best Sydney record stores ever has closed shop. Thanks Vera for all the great music.

Brotzmann/Hano New Combo 2008/05/10

Friday, 9 May 2008

shayne bowden live schedule
2008/08/30 IAF SHOP Fukuoka w/蹂躙/herve boghossian/倉地久美夫
2008/08/28 博多四次元 solo w/WARSAWPACT
2008/07/06 Decadent Deluxe Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2008/07/04 artspace tetra Fukuoka solo w/ILIOS/Katchmare/坂口壱彦
2008/06/22 Gallery Soap Kokura w/hercel/Rafael Toral
2008/06/21 At Hall Oita solo/Rafael Toral
2008/06/15 UrBANGUILD Kyoto solo w/Ultra Bide/Eugene Chadbourne/Jimmy Carl Black
2008/06/07 博多四次元 w/Monster Movie/doravideo
2008/06/03 Riverside Fukuoka w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2008/05/31 At Hall Oita w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2008/05/11 Riverside Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2008/04/29 Riverside Fukuoka w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2008/03/24 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2008/03/15 CB Fukuoka w/蹂躙(jyurin)/doravideo
2008/03/01 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2008/02/27 Riverside Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2008/02/26 UrBANGUILD Kyoto solo w/Ultra Bide/DOG
2008/02/25 UrBANGUILD Kyoto solo w/Ultra Bide
2008/02/17 Gallery Soap Kokura w/Monster Movie/Neumeier
2008/02/11 Water Lounge Fukuoka w/蹂躙/Guerra/Stern
2008/02/07 Indoyo Yamaguchi /Jazkamer/Justice Yeldham
2008/01/22 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2008/01/20 Gallery Soap Kokura w/蹂躙/Nilsen/Gudnadóttir
2008/01/18 At Hall Oita solo/BJ Nilsen/Hildur Gudnadóttir
2008/01/10 Zechoten Fukuoka duo w/かっぱ
2007/12/28 Drum Logos Fukuoka w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2007/12/22 IAF Shop Fukuoka w/蹂躙
2007/12/05 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/11/22 Indoyo Yamaguchi duo with かっぱ
2007/11/15 Zechoten Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/10/24 Riverside Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/10/16 Zechoten Fukuoka w/Sanematsu Akira
2007/09/25 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/09/11 Zechoten Fukuoka duo with かっぱ
2007/08/29 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2007/08/27 Zechoten Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/08/01 Riverside Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/07/05 Zechoten Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/06/20 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/Monster Movie -1
2007/06/10 Gallery Soap Kokura w/蹂躙/Lawrence English
2007/06/07 At Hall Oita solo/Lawrence English
2007/05/28 Zechoten Fukuoka solo
2007/04/24 Riverside Fukuoka w/Monster Movie
2007/04/17 Zechoten Fukuoka w/蹂躙 (jyurin)
2007/04/01 Gallery Soap Kokura w/蹂躙(jyurin)
2007/01/23 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/ESCALADE
2007/01/10 Voodoo Lounge Fukuoka w/Monster Movie/Amazon Saliva
2006/12/19 Out of The Box with Imogen Semmler FBI Radio Sydney Australia
2006/12/14 SYNCRETISM Judith Wright Centre Brisbane Australia solo/David Toop
2006/12/03 Decadent Deluxe Fukuoka w/ Monster Movie
2006/11/28 Zechoten Fukuoka w/The Portland Bicycle Ensemble
2006/11/26 Gallery Soap Kokura solo
2006/10/12 Zechoten Fukuoka solo w/ibi ryota
2006/07/23 Gallery Soap Kokua w/escalade
2006/07/22 Bridge Osaka w/escalade
2006/07/21 Ruby Room Shibuya w/escalade
2006/07/19 Zechoten Fukuoka solo
2006/04/29 Zechoten Fukuoka w/hercel
2005/12/20 Zechoten Fukuoka w/escalade
2005/12/10 artspace tetra Fukuoka solo/Nakamura Toshimaru/坂口壱彦/電子卓上音楽団
2005/08/27 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/hercel/電子卓上音楽団/river/坂口壱彦
2005/06/25 artspace tetra Fukuoka solo/Yotaro Hino
2005/05/29 Gallery Soap Kokura solo
2005/04/08 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/ayako mori/Jazzkammer/John Sharp
2005/02/26 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/ayako mori
2005/02/03 Butterfly Fukuoka solo w/Anla Courtis
2004/12/19 artspace tetra Fukuoka solo
2004/09/25 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/soft clip/口八丁
2004/09/05 Megahertz Kokura w/soft clip/moom瑠/miroque
2004/09/04 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/soft clip/moom瑠/miroque
2004/06/24 Butterfly Fukuoka w/soft clip/Taylor Deupree/Christopher Willts
2004/04/24 artspace tetra Fukuoka w/soft clip/Ichiraku Yoshimitsu/moom瑠
2003/12/07 Butterfly Fukuoka w/soft clip/Bastard Noise/Slogun/Sickness/Control
2003/12/01 Murphy's Cafe Ongagawa w/soft clip

シェーン・ボーデンはオーストラリア出身、福岡在住のミュージシャン。ノイズ・ユニットhercel(ハーセル)、Monster Movie(モンスター・ムービー)、そして最近結成された新ユニットJyurin(蹂躙)等で活動している。個人としてはフィールド・レコーディング
(野外録音)で集めた音源を使い重層的な質感のサウンド・パフォーマンスを続けている。去年は日本とオーストラリアの各地でライブを行い、今年末(2008?)にはソ ロ・アルバムをリリース予定。

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

It would be good to see so many Japanese Citizens taking to the streets to protest the Japanese Education Ministry and it's revisionist approach towards Japans' mass murder of Chinese citizens last century. I don't know, it seems like a plain case of Japanese China bashing. Is that grammatically correct? Fuck it. I wonder how many of the guys and gals in 'Free Tibet' regalia also worship at Yasukuni?

Paul Does Tokyo

"Hear ye,Hear ye! I declare Tokyo the ugliest city in Japan in terms of structure and people.The following crimes are listed below"-
Ugly people.
Ugly buildings.
Crowded transport.Foul smells.
Fat gaijin with high white socks.
Overpriced goods.
Overrated places.
Women`s feet forced into sandles.
Gaijin wearing sandles.
Many chinless people.
Ghastly looking teeth.
Gargantuan moles.
Twisted toes.
One wonders why Ishihara Shintaro is proud of this dump.

The Magic I.D. 'Til My Breath Holds Out'
Torso/Unicorn Split
Phobia 'Means Of Existence'
Itaru Oki 'Mirage'
Sachiko M 'Salon De Sachiko'
The Slits 'Cut'
Limp Wrist 'Thee Official Limp Wrist Discography'
There Will Be Blood
Los Glissandinos (Live)
North America trip
Looking forward to Europe trip

Not Enjoying.....
Dickolas Pussmann
General service in Fukuoka
Trying to sell all my stuff on ebay
griping on this piss weak blog

Saturday, 3 May 2008